Verdict four out of five stars

The Chemical Brothers brought their latest big arena tour to the Hydro in Glasgow.

From the opening beat of Come With Us, for the next two hours, the electronic duo treated their fans to a non-stop, pulsating show.

Making perfect use of the Hydro space and its capacity for light and visuals the huge screen behind the stage set came into its own for the special effects.

Early in the set the pair’s big hit from the 90s, Hey Girl, Hey Boy had the Hydro rocking.

The giant screens beamed out video and graphics, moving from the playful to the intense and at times manic.

Glasgow Times:

In front, dwarfed by the screen show, Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands, took the crowd through their extensive back catalogue, going through the decades of the 90s, noughties and more recent compositions right up to the new album For That Beautiful Feeling.

Giant green and yellow balloons, released half way through the set added to the visual effects and allowed some audience participation.

The non-stop beat, with one tune seamlessly segueing into the next, continued for a full hour before the crowd was allowed up for air.

After a minute or two when the Brothers paused to enjoy the acclaim of the crowd, it was straight back into it with a deep bass reverberating around the venue.

By the end of the main set, culminating in thumping versions of Galvanise and Block Rockin’ Beats, the duo had pulled off another success.

The encore, accompanied by rushing on-screen graphics of biblical scenes in stained glass windows, brought some spirituality.

If the puzzle was how to please a huge city crowd then the brothers worked it out, yet again.