AN angry man caused a fire by putting a lit flare through his neighbour’s letterbox after coming home to the smell of cannabis.

Robert Hay could smell the drug emanating from the stairwell of the common close after returning to his Shiskine Drive flat in the North of the city on February 13, 2021.

At 8.30pm, the 60-year-old approached who he believed was responsible for the smell and asked them to leave due to “anti-social behaviour” issues.

The pair attended at their own flat.

Hay approached their door, kicking it twice before exiting the building.

But twenty minutes later, he reappeared and ignited a blue flare. He entered the close and approached his neighbour’s flat before lifting the letterbox cover and putting the flare into the property.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, it was heard that a fire started and smoke from the flat entered into the close area.

Somebody in the property threw the flare out, but Hay retrieved it and put it through the letterbox again.

999 calls were made.

An argument took place between Hay and the flat occupants, and he was assaulted.

He made his way to hospital, meanwhile, police and a number of fire crews attended the building.

A small fire was located.

Days later, cops attended to seize CCTV footage. The following morning on February 17, 2021, officers traced Hay.

He was cautioned and charged and made no reply.

Hay appeared for sentencing after previously admitting to discharging the pyrotechnic smoke bomb through the flat’s letterbox, causing it to fall to the floor and set on fire, before inserting it again whilst three people were inside, exposing them and neighbours to the danger of injury.

At the hearing, Sheriff Patricia Pryce said: “This is a very serious matter, I understand there were difficulties but what he done is very serious.”

Hay’s lawyer replied: “Mr Hay has moved and has been residing elsewhere for some time now. He accepts responsibility for his conduct.

“He has no previous convictions and has health and alcohol difficulties.”

Sheriff Pryce told Hay: “You have heard what I’ve had to say. This fire could have risked everybody in this building’s life had it spread.

“The offence very much reaches the custodial threshold, but you have no previous convictions.”

He was tagged and ordered to stay in his home in Maryhill between 7pm-7am for 18 weeks, as a direct alternative to custody.

The sheriff added: “If you don’t comply, I’ll send you to jail.”