Scottish Green councillors welcome the ruling by the Court of Session on a petition by landlords which argued against emergency tenant protections.

The protections for tenants were introduced to help people cope with the cost-of-living crisis.  

The strongly worded decision by a judicial review of the Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland) Act 2022 states the case by the Scottish Association of Landlords and others fell “far short” in its arguments.  

The vast majority of private sector rent increases are capped at 3% until March 31 next year due to this legislation.

Patrick Harvie MSP’s Cost of Living Act has helped households across Glasgow since it was introduced, and they will all be breathing a sigh of relief following the ruling.  

This ruling is an endorsement for the urgent action to support families and tenants through this cost-of-living crisis and it will allow the Scottish Government to continue pushing ahead with further work.

We can hope that this clarity encourages those who represent landlord interests to engage constructively as a longer-term framework for tenant protections is developed.   

We know that with winter approaching, food and energy bills will rise and the cost-of-living crisis will continue, making this work ever more important.

The Bank of England’s decision to hold interest rates at the highest level for 15 years will extend the financial pain for many households and families across Glasgow.

It has already been a difficult time of year for many residents, with extra pressures and expenses. Interest rates at this level will only make things worse.  

Across Glasgow, there are already many people being forced to miss meals and choose between heating their home and feeding their family.

We badly need an economy that works for people and planet.  

Scottish Greens are doing what we can to make progress in tackling child poverty by increasing and expanding the vital Scottish Child Payment and by raising the benefits the Scottish Parliament controls in line with inflation.

These are the kind of steps we urgently need to see from Downing Street if we are to mitigate the devastating impact of the economic chaos that has been inflicted. Oil and gas company profits are continuing to fuel the destruction of our planet.

This week, Shell has reports of quarterly profits of $6.2 billion for July to September.

Whilst profits soar for oil and gas company bosses, our environment cannot cope with their drive for endless oil and gas extraction.

It is causing climate chaos across the world, with horrific wildfires all over Europe and terrible flooding across Scotland.  

If Shell bosses have any concern about the future of our planet then they must surely invest these astronomical profits in transforming our energy system.

They need to deliver a fair and just transition to renewable and clean energy.  

We support urgent action to address the impacts of severe weather events.

We know there is no time to waste in tackling the climate crisis.