A POPULAR Scots DJ and music producer has announced a show in Paisley as part of their "Wee Toon Tour" next month.

Ewan McVicar, known for his songs "Tell Me Something Good" and "Groove Thang" will be performing at Club 69 in the town on Sunday, December 10.

The star, who is from Ayr in South Ayrshire, will also visit several other locations across Scotland as part of the tour.

Announcing it, Ewan said: "Back in 2021, I had an idea as being from a small town in Scotland (Ayr) that I wanted to play places that people do not normally go and jump on a tour bus with all my mates for a swally.

"Fast forward two years and the 'Wee Toon Tour' is born.

"Ayeee a know Glasgow and Edinburgh aren't wee toons but a had to get the big smokes involved as this is gonny be a heavyyy tour. 

"Eight days, nine shows, every single day of the week solid.

"I'm so excited to come to places I've never been in Scotland and familiar homes. 

"I can't wait to see yis!"

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