THE HEARTBROKEN owner of a Maltese pup who was tragically killed after running onto a dual carriageway at the sound of fireworks has begged people to contain their use to Guy Fawkes night only.

Cumbernauld dog mum Katie Elwood and her partner Stuart’s worlds came crashing down when five-year-old Beau was hit by two vehicles on a busy road near their home after she bolted from them on Friday, November 3.

The terrified pooch had been on an evening stroll just after 5 pm with dad Stuart at a grass area outside her home when the blast from two “close-by” fireworks sent her into a frenzy.

Glasgow Times: Beau was frightened by the close-by fireworksBeau was frightened by the close-by fireworks (Image: Gordon Terris)

Glasgow Times: The area where Beau was at when she heard the bang of the fireworksThe area where Beau was at when she heard the bang of the fireworks (Image: Gordon Terris)

After a search around the Whitelees area of their Abronhill community failed to locate Beau, it was only when an elderly lady contacted a family member about a dog being killed on the nearby main road that the couple’s worst fears were realised.

And, speaking to the Glasgow Times, distraught Katie hopes people will hear Beau’s story and think twice when it comes to setting off the explosive rockets.

Katie said: “Please just don’t.

“Beau’s not going to be the last. If something doesn’t happen, there is going to be another story next year and the year after that.

“I think something has to be done.

“Dogs, all animals, they are petrified.

“I was anxious on November 5. Beau had passed on November 3 and I just felt so anxious on the fifth for all the other animals out there.

“It was horrible.”

Katie explained the sound of the first firework had Beau running towards her dad for safety, but it was the noise from the second bang which properly sent her into a spin.

“She was in that much of a blind panic, she wouldn’t have stopped for anybody,” Katie added.

“She was a small dog, but she could run really fast and that’s when she must have run right down onto the dual carriageway.

“It was heartbreaking.”

Glasgow Times: Katie has called on people to only use fireworks on November 5Katie has called on people to only use fireworks on November 5 (Image: Gordon Terris)

Katie admits a tough week has been made even harder by people online saying Beau should have been on a lead.

And she insists the area her wee pup was roaming in was one she had used hundreds of times over the years and only metres from the house.

Katie finished: “That was her wee area, she was never a wee dog who went running away.

“That was her wee area, she was just outside our garden, everybody knew Beau and Beau knew everybody.

“Had it been November 5, she wouldn’t even have been out.

“This was the third, a peaceful enough wee day, and her daddy took her out.

“We weren’t to know that fireworks were going to go off.

“And this is why I feel maybe contain it to the fifth or organised events.”