A GLASGOW school has received a glowing “report card” from inspectors.

The Education Scotland team praised Caledonia Primary in Baillieston for its “nurturing and inclusive atmosphere” and added: “As a result, all children feel included and valued in the school. They are warm, friendly and very well-behaved.”

The report also highlighted: “Staff have a detailed understanding of children and their needs. Within the language and communication resource (LCR), staff are highly responsive to children’s needs. They motivate children to learn in a caring and respectful way which takes into consideration their individual needs and preferences.”

Glasgow Times: Caledonia Primary pupils are celebrating this weekCaledonia Primary pupils are celebrating this week (Image: Caledonia Primary)

The effective leadership of the headteacher and senior staff was also praised. The report noted: “Across the school, staff have strong relationships with children. Staff make effective use of digital technology ... this also helps include children requiring additional support in classes.”

Three areas for improvement were identified and discussed with the headteacher and a representative from Glasgow City Council, including continuing to “develop children’s skills to lead their own learning and have a stronger voice in shaping the work of the school.”

The inspectors added: “The leadership team and local authority should keep under review the availability of support staff within the LCR to support children with their learning” and added: “Staff should continue to develop approaches to meeting the wide range of needs in classes. In doing this, they should ensure appropriate pace and challenge for the higher attaining children.”

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The full report is available on the Education Scotland website.

Councillor Christina Cannon, Glasgow’s education convenor, said: “This is such a lovely, positive and extensive report. I know the school community will be very proud of the outcome of the inspection and so they should be.

“The school is described as a nurturing and supportive environment, and it is clear to me that staff work extremely well to support children and their families.

“Congratulations to the headteacher, school staff, pupils and their families on the publication of this impressive report card.”

Headteacher Douglas Chambers said: “I’ve always been very proud of our school and it’s fantastic to have all the hard work of our pupils, families, staff and partners recognised.

“We’re particularly pleased the inspectors commented on our hard-working children and staff and celebrated the wide range of work that goes into ensuring every child is included and supported.”

He added, smiling: “In the words of Dougie Maclean, ‘Caledonia’s been everything I’ve ever had’. Caledonia Primary is a fantastic place to work, learn and grow.”