VIDEOS, appearing to be posted by Glasgow prisoners, have been uploaded to TikTok including bragging about partying in jail.

A number of clips have been uploaded by two different accounts, which appear to have been filmed in cells.

In several videos, the TikTok users, who would need access to the internet to use the platform, claim they are in Barlinnie in the city's East End.   

One clip shows a haul of food including pot noodles, polo mints and packets of crisps with the caption "Barlinnie canteen. Get me hame".

Music is playing in the background whilst the inmate goes up to the locked cell door and shouts "let is oot, a wanty go hame". 

Glasgow Times: In another video, the recent Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou fight is being played or live-streamed on a mobile phone, with hashtags including #hmpfightnight #jail #cantstop in the caption. 

Glasgow Times: Meanwhile, another clip is captioned, "lock the door, can't stop the party", while dance music is being played from a radio player and a view of the cell door is shown.

In the comments section of a video of fireworks, the video creator states it was taken from Barlinnie when someone asked "This in Notts?"

A further video shows three mobile phones on a worktop in a cell, with the Scottish Prison Service logo on a computer screen behind the devices.

A music video is being played on one of the phones, meanwhile, the lock screen is shown on the others - with the date showing October 28, 2023.

Glasgow Times: The most recent videos uploaded to TikTok were just two days ago. 

A photo of a curry and a cake was included in one clip, with the caption "Barlinnie's Monday night currys" with a sick face emoji and the hashtag #s***edinner.

A Scottish Prison Service spokesperson said: “We deploy a variety of strategic, tactical and technological responses to mitigate against illicit articles, such as mobile phones, being introduced in the prison estate.

"We continue to invest in the development of new technology to detect, deter and reduce their availability and supply in what is a continuously evolving and dynamic area.”

In September, we reported how prisoners at Low Moss jail in Bishopbriggs were filmed eating flies "in exchange for drugs"

A clip, also uploaded to TikTok, appears to have been taken on a mobile phone in a cell with four inmates present.

The footage shows a prisoner holding a tray which is understood to contain at least 15 dead flies. 

He says: “You ready? The Low Moss fly challenge, eat the flies for some Spice. Four of them.”

Another prisoner is filmed picking up several of the dead insects before swallowing them and showing his tongue, whilst the others burst into laughter. 

One of the four men helps gather the rest of the flies from the tray onto the prisoner's hand, saying "lick it clean, man", before he empties the rest into his mouth and shows his tongue again. 

The prisoners claim the challenge was completed "in exchange for Spice" - a drug which is smoked.