A city food bank manager has said that the cost of living crisis has made people "worse off" than they were during the pandemic.

Glasgow South East Foodbank said that they have seen a change in demographic when it comes to people relying on them.

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Glasgow Times:

Audrey Flannagan, manager at the Govanhill organisation, said: "People are worse off now than they were during the pandemic.

"For us, we have seen a difference in the number of families coming.

"Families that had benefits and are able to claim the Scottish Child Payment, we have seen a drop in them relying on us

"But where we have seen a massive increase are those that can't (claim benefits) such as asylum seekers, students with kids, workers that are over on work permits and people who maybe are in work but just miss the limit in getting Universal Credit or any other benefits.

"Our demographic has changed quite a bit in the last two years from where we saw lots of big families, people who were on benefits to now people who have no recourse to public funds or some people who are in part-time work."

Glasgow Times:

Audrey maintains that although the food bank is there for people in a time of need, it can help create some memories. 

She told of a story that made her tear up where a mum-of-three was struggling over the festive period and came to them for help.

Audrey and the volunteers sorted the family out with items and food supplies for over Christmas and into the new year.

However in January when the mum came back to thank them for everything, Audrey was shocked to hear it was their best Christmas ever. 

Since the pandemic, the Govanhill food bank has seen a reduction in 50% in donations with the number of people also rising. 

That is why as part of the Glasgow Times' Bank on Us campaign we are raising awareness to help food banks such as Glasgow South East Foodbank 

Glasgow Times:

Readers who are able to donate are being asked to fill the bags we supplied in our edition on Wednesday, November 15 with food items and hand them into one of our partner food banks.

This year, our Christmas campaign is more important than ever due to the cost-of-living crisis with thousands of families struggling to heat their homes and put food on the table.

As well as the food drive, the Glasgow Times will be raising money for our Bank on Us toy drive via GoFundMe.

All proceeds will be used to purchase toys which will be distributed to charities around the city to be handed out to parents and put under the tree.

The Bank on Us 2023 campaign is proudly sponsored by Arnold Clark, Stagecoach, Allied Vehicles, Spar Scotland, Storage Vault and StepChange.

Glasgow SE Foodbank 

42 Inglefield Street, Glasgow G42 7AT - opening hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 12pm -2pm

*opening times are correct at the time of writing but may be subject to change