A planning application has been submitted to East Renfrewshire Council to install a 11.6-metre static caravan in the side garden of a house on a leafy residential street.

The proposal states that the unit on Holehouse Road in Eaglesham would have multiple uses over time but primarily be used as tourist accommodation.

A document submitted by the applicant details its uses as accommodation for visiting family and friends, a short-term visitor let, play space for their children and potential accommodation for elderly parents.

It proposes that the caravan would occupy approximately 3.81m X 11.60m of the 7.6m X 14.3m side garden space “according to standard caravan sizes research”.

Drawings accompanying the application show a two-bedroom caravan with a toilet, shower-room and toilet, dining/kitchen area, lounge area and a 1.8m x 3.81m outdoor terrace.

It is proposed that the colour would be white, grey or cream and that the caravan would be connected into the mains sewerage, electricity and water connections of the house.

The applicant said: “Our objective is to purchase and run a sustainable static caravan appropriately sized for the garden to the side of our house.

“The style and colour would be in keeping with our property which is white and black, with long pitched roofs.

“The hedge would be retained which would mean minimal visual impact for the neighbours across the road or across the fields."

Parking for any visitors it is proposed would be on the property at the front, “which has capacity for a number of cars”, with four said to fit in comfortably.

Clarifying this further, however, it was stated that they “do not expect visitors to require more than two parking spaces to the utmost” and usually would expect just one car.

Overall they claim that the development would enhance the visitor accommodation offering in the area, support the local economy and tourism and provide ancillary support to the household.

“Our development would add to the mix of short-term visitor accommodation on offer in the village, which currently consists, to our knowledge, of a hotel and room/flat lets,” the applicant added.

“This would be attractive to a range of tastes and audiences (including families) and therefore complement the existing offering.

“A cleaner would be hired which would lead to an element of job creation.

“We expect guests would either visit for recreational/leisure purposes or for work-related business (particularly people who work with businesses from East Kilbride).

“In terms of frequency of rental we would expect the caravan would possibly rent out a few times per month to one to four people for one to two nights at a time.

“We often have visiting family from abroad who would use the static caravan for three to four weeks at a time.

"Also, other family and friends would benefit from this. We have elderly parents who live locally who would use the caravan for respite and access to our care."