Further progress has been made in North Lanarkshire’s approach to providing social care for adults.

A report on the council’s Getting It Right For Everyone system highlighted the multi-agency work being done within the local authority.

North Lanarkshire established Scotland’s first Hospital at Home Team and is currently working to follow this by establishing a home assessment team to work with people being discharged from hospital.

In the last two years it has also been working with specialists in geriatric medicine within GP practices and cooperates with various charities and voluntary groups, The Plan for North Lanarkshire, which seeks to revamp town centres across the local authority, also seeks to make care services more accessible via its network of community hubs.

Several other partnership programmes, many of which are also involved in home-based services from community alarms to carrying out adaptations are also underway.

The GIFRE approach, which follows on from programmes designed to provide care and support for children, also incorporates several national policies aimed at reducing the number of extended hospital stays.

One aspect is an emphasis on individual care needs to ensure everyone using these services is at the centre of the decision making provess.

GIFRE also has specialised services for people in specific situations, such as prisoners, people dealing with addiction, those registered at GP practices in the most deprived areas, families with complex needs and the elderly.

The future steps for the plan are for each health and social care partnership to develop engagement plans and journey maps, followed by updates based on national policies and engagement with people using the services in order to further develop new designs and concepts.

A report on all of this was endorsed by the council’s adult care and social work committee, which also instructed that a further update be presented to a future session.