PARKING on the pavement should be banned in Glasgow an MSP has urged.

Patrick Harvie wants the council to use new powers to implement a full ban with only emergency vehicles exempt.

The Scottish Government made a law in 2019 giving councils the power and it comes into effect next month.

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Harvie said pavement parking is a barrier to people being able to move around freely.

Parking on pavements has been noted to be a danger to disabled people using wheelchairs, people with limited mobility, visually impaired people and parents with children in prams.

He said: “Our footways are for all of us, they are not just extra parking spaces for cars. 

“Yet, all over Glasgow, we are seeing inconsiderate drivers parking wherever they want, deterring people from walking and wheeling and blocking the pavement for people with mobility issues.

“Nobody should have to put themselves in a vulnerable position because of cars being parked where they shouldn’t be. This will be an important step in ensuring that our streets and communities are safer for everyone.

“That’s why I am calling for Glasgow City Council to use these new powers to introduce a full ban with no exemptions as soon as possible.”

Edinburgh City Council is planning to enforce a ban on parking on pavements from January, next year.

Glasgow is currently looking at the legislation and is carrying out a survey of the city’s roads and looking at what possible exemptions might be needed.

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council, said: “New powers that allow enforcement against pavement parking will help us tackle an issue that often causes issues in communities across the city.

“In line with Transport Scotland, guidance, we are about to undertake a full assessment of footway parking throughout the city to help us establish if it would be appropriate to exempt any streets from the pavement parking ban.

“Further regulation and guidance are due to be published by Transport Scotland, which will help ensure we have a robust system of enforcement on pavement parking.

“Once our footway assessment is complete, a report on how enforcement scheme could be implemented will be put before committee in due course.”