A MAN punched a cop in the face after they flagged him down in a taxi following a fight in Glasgow’s Merchant City.

Dylan Higgins, 26, appeared in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court alongside his pal Jonathan Malloy, 39. 

The pair were in a pub on January 20, 2023, but due to their intoxicated state, they were asked to leave.

Shortly after leaving, a fight took place – and Higgins claimed he was assaulted.

He then chased an unknown man on Bell Street, tackled him to the ground, and punched him on the head several times.

Higgins, from Airdrie, and Malloy, from Castlemilk, left the area, but CCTV operators spotted the pair get into a taxi.

The court heard that cops were asked to apprehend them within the taxi.

CCTV operators directed officers to St Vincent Street – where they managed to stop the car.

A cop approached the taxi and Malloy opened the passenger door. He kicked the cop numerous times in the groin.

He was removed from the taxi and attempted to punch the officer, before being placed in handcuffs and taken to a cell van.

Whilst this was happening, another officer had approached the other side of the taxi – where Higgins was.

He opened the door, exited the car, and punched the cop to the face – causing a cut lip.

Cops restrained him and also placed him within a cell van.

The pair were cautioned and charged and made no reply.

They appeared for sentencing after each admitting to assaulting police and Higgins also admitting to repeatedly punching the unknown man.

Malloy’s solicitor said: “To be frank, he’s far too old to be engaging in this behaviour. He’s a father.

“There is a record before the court but he appears to be in the very early stages of turning things around. He’s recently been made subject to a community payback order (CPO) with unpaid work and supervision and to engage with addiction services.”

Meanwhile, Higgins’ lawyer told the court her client recently got his own tenancy and will be moving in shortly.

She added: “He accepts he chased the man but gives an explanation as to why he did that. He says he was the victim of an assault and that led him to chase after the man. His position is he was struck and that’s why he chased the male.”

It was confirmed that a Crown witness statement referred to a fight taking place in the street.

The lawyer added: “He accepts he should have not done what he did regardless. He was under the influence of alcohol and illicit substances. This is a wakeup call for him. He has avoided alcohol, drugs and negative peer groups since.

“He’s made positive progress and is recently back in full-time employment. He is currently subject to a CPO and making good progress.”

Sheriff Mary Shields deferred sentence for three months on Malloy.

She told him: “I’ll call for a CPO progress report, so I know if you’re engaging with the current order and I’ll ask for a good behaviour report too.”

Meanwhile, Higgins was fined £1875.