A THUG armed with a meat cleaver and knife tried to attack an asbestos worker in a terrifying incident.

John McMillan and his colleague were working on Birness Drive, in the city’s Southside, on June 12 this year.

The asbestos removal employees were going about their day when they came across Brian Clelland lying on the floor on his back near the entrance of a block of high-rise flats.

The prosecutor at Glasgow Sheriff Court explained that Clelland, 48, became verbally challenging towards the men.

They decided not to speak to him and went to their work van which was nearby.

Meanwhile, Clelland went to his flat and got a large 35cm kitchen knife – with a 22cm blade – as well as a meat cleaver.

The workers were standing outside when they spotted Clelland run out with the weapons in his hands.

Mr McMillan grabbed a work tool from the van and began backing off Clelland.

The prosecutor said: “The accused swung the meat cleaver in one hand and the kitchen knife in the other, making attempts to assault Mr McMillan by attempting to strike his upper body by swinging and lashing out in an erratic manner.

“The accused continued to lash out with the knife and meat cleaver whilst the workers were circling him. Mr McMillan thereafter defended himself and hit the meat cleaver from the accused’s hand, which caused it to fall.

“The accused approached Mr McMillan brandishing the kitchen knife which was still in his possession.”

At this time, members of the public started to gather. They were shouting at Clelland to stop, but he continued to walk towards Mr McMillan – who ran into the concierge station.

The concierge, who saw Clelland holding the knife, described the workers as being nervous.

Police were contacted and Clelland left, still carrying the knife.

He later returned to his flat and cops attended outside his door.

Clelland exited and was instructed to stop and show his hands, which he did. He was arrested.

At the recent sentencing hearing, Clelland’s solicitor said: “He doesn’t quite agree with the beginning of the narrative, but I don’t think that really matters given his behaviour afterwards.

“There are community-based disposals available.

“He initially appeared on petition and the matter was reduced to summary so he spent some time on remand.”

Sheriff Mary Shields told Clelland “I realise you are a realistic man” before jailing him for nine months.