Nearly 1000 complaints about missed bin collections were made in Glasgow over the course of last year.

It comes out of a total of 5854 gripes about Glasgow City Council services between April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023, which is down 899 compared to the previous year.

The council’s neighbourhoods, regeneration and sustainability (NRS) department showed the highest number of complaints with a total of 3730, which was queried by Labour councillor Ann Jenkins.

Bins not being lifted made up 983 of those.

Colin Edgar, director of communications and corporate governance said: “An awful lot of their complaints are about missed bins. They collect many millions of bins and they have put in place some changes to their processes to help them deal with that more quickly.”

Speaking at a council meeting yesterday, he mentioned a new system is in place to help the council “understand where bins have been missed and why.”

Speaking at the operational performance and delivery scrutiny committee, chair councillor Maureen Burke, Labour, said: “Missed bin collections happen quite regularly across the city – is there a reason for that?”

Mr Edgar said the figure is “a big number but it is small percentage of the total number that are collected.”

He explained there could be cases with systemic failure to collect bins and mentioned a street a couple of years ago, which generated “constant” complaints about rubbish not being lifted. He said complaints fell after the issue was sorted out.

It was agreed further details on NRS handling of complaints would be brought to the committee at a later date.

During the last financial year 41% of complaints were upheld while 40% were partially upheld.

The vast majority of complaints were handled at stage 1 while a small number were dealt with at stage 2.

Stage 2 deals with issues that were not resolved at the first hurdle or needed a more detailed investigation.

More than 20 Stage 2 complaints were referred to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman with one case upheld.

Different departments had varying numbers of people reporting problems with Glasgow Life recording 741 complaints while financial services saw 784.

Each council department recorded the following number of complaints:

Chief Executive 61

City Building 6

Education Services 295

Financial Services 784

Glasgow Life 741

Jobs and Business Glasgow 4

Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability 3730