'NO action' will be taken against pupils who took part in a rally calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. 

We previously reported hundred of people joined a School Strike for Palestine rally in the city centre on Friday, November 17. 

Rallies were held in Glasgow, London and Bristol  as part of a number of school walkouts and were organised by the campaign group Stop the War Coalition.

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School pupils were joined outside the Royal Concert Hall, Buchanan Street, by parents, workers, trade unionists and higher and further education students.

Ahead of the protest, cllr Blair Anderson, Green spokesperson for Education and Young People, called on Glasgow City Council to ensure "no punitive action" would be taken against those who took part, saying "young people deserve to have their voice heard". 

He highlighted that in 2019, pupils who took part in School Strikes for Climate had absences recorded as authorised if they had permission from a parent or carer to take part.

In a letter addressed to Douglas Hutchison, executive director of Education Services, cllr Anderson wrote: "As you may be aware, a School Strike for Palestine has been organised for Friday, November 17, to give Glasgow's children, young people and students the opportunity to add their voices to demands for a ceasefire. 

"As we have seen with the Fridays for Future movement and School Strikes for Climate, school strikes are one of the most effective ways for young people to make their voices heard and to demonstrate their abilities as effective contributors and responsible citizens. 

"We understand in 2019, following calls from my colleagues in the Scottish Greens, Glasgow City Council confirmed that there would be no punitive action taken against young people who took part in School Strikes for Climate, and that where there was parental or carer permission any absence would be recorded as authorised. 

"We would be grateful to you if you could confirm that that precedent will be maintained and that Glasgow City Council will not take any punitive action against young people taking part in a School Strike for Palestine, with permitted absences being recorded as authorised." 

Cllr Anderson later tweeted that there would be "no punitive action" against those who took part in the protest. 

He wrote: "There will be *no punitive action* for those taking part in today’s @GlasgowStopWar School Strike for Palestine.

"Grateful to Glasgow’s Executive Director of Education for taking this approach.

"Solidarity with all the young people out today demanding #CeasefireNOW."