Janey Godley has taken to social media after her daughter found a stranger's personal items in her ASOS package.

The Glasgow comedian shared a video of Ashley Storrie’s delivery which included two used hair rollers that she did not order.

The 62-year-old urged her daughter to “stop boaking” as she shared a clip showing the parcel with another customer's hair inside.




Posting on X to her 290k followers she said: “Dear @asos my daughter got her new jumpers this morning - but someone else’s hair rollers covered in their hair are stuck inside the sweater.”

Fans were quick to comment their thoughts about the surprise items.

One person said: “I would be retching if I opened clothes and found someone’s used rollers.”

A second person said: “Oh my lord, that’s proper minging!!”

A third person said: “That’s gross and how does it even happen?

“I need to know how bad the packers morning was to have had this happen.”

A fourth person said: “That’s horrible!”

An ASOS spokesperson said: “We work hard to make sure all our customers have a positive experience with ASOS.

“Unfortunately, there are times when something does go wrong, and we’d encourage any customers with an issue to contact us so we can resolve it for them.”