A GLASGOW man insists if he can help one guy struggling with their mental health just as he was then his upcoming 60-mile challenge across the city will be worth it.

Jamie McVeigh, 48, revealed 10 years of emotional struggles came to a head at the start of 2023 but he is now feeling better than ever as he prepares to cycle 30 miles before walking 30 miles in one day next week.

The BT Openreach supervisor has been on a personal well-being journey this year which saw him take up counselling sessions, meditation and spirituality and stepping up his fitness programme.

And the Old Drumchapel man will now take up the 60-mile task he has set himself as a nod to the 60 men who end their lives around the world every hour.

Speaking exclusively to the Glasgow Times, Jamie said: “I’ve had a wee bit of a tough time myself this year and for myself, it has just been about a lot of things that I just never dealt with for about 10 years.

“I pushed emotions down like men do—especially men my age.

“I didn’t open up to anybody, kept everything closed off from people who are close to me.

“Then I decided I just needed to get support and that’s what I did.

“It was the best thing I did; I wish I’d done it earlier.”

Jamie took up walking in January 2021 after he had put on three stone when the Covid lockdown came in in March 2020.

Now, with the weight off and him walking six or seven miles every day after work, he credits the real “gamechanger” in his life to the three-day meditation course he did earlier this year.

“Meditation changed my life as well,” he added.

“Right now, I am the best I have ever been. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. I’ve never been as good as this in my life.

“I feel great, and I want to give something back.”

Jamie’s challenge will kick off in the early hours of Thursday, November 30, with the plan to cycle to Balloch and back, a trip of roughly 26 miles.

He admits he will probably pass home to hit the 30-mile mark before disembarking and getting the walking boots on.

The city-wide trek will start from his Great Western Road home, through Glasgow to Langside and then back through Partick along Dumbarton Road.

Once Jamie has hit Old Kilpatrick, he plans to traverse the Erskine Bridge before heading for home.

He continued: “I am feeling really confident. No matter what happens I am getting it done. Even if I need to crawl.”

Jamie’s Just Giving page has already surpassed his original target of £500.

But he wants to push on for as much as he can to go to Movember and help the cause towards men’s health and in particular, suicide prevention.

He finished: “If anybody is struggling right now, no matter what their situation is at this moment, just never give up. Keep moving forward. You will get to a better version than you are just now.

“Get out walking, get out moving, surround yourself with positive people.

“The past is all in your head and the future is in your hands.”

Before adding: “If I can help one person, whether it’s a phone call or whatever it is in terms of support.”

His Just Giving page can be found here.