The Clyde Metro transport system takes a step forward today with the announcement of SPT taking on the Case for Investment for the project.

Any actual work on any new routes is still years away because preparatory work needs to be done first.

The case for investment is expected to take around two years to complete.

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Strathclyde Partnership for Transport will do the work that will look at potential routes and destinations of any new modes of transport and what else is needed to connect different modes, like bus, rail and subway into a joined-up transport metropolitan public transport system.

The work is planned to involve a link from Glasgow Airport to Paisley Gilmour Street Station connecting to the main rail network.

Other, future phases mentioned have included a tram or light rail route connecting the city centre with the SEC, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and Braehead.

Glasgow Times:

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Routes in the north and east of the city not best served by the current rail network have also been mooted.

Valerie Davidson, Chief executive of SPT explained Clyde Metro is not one thing, like a tram line.

She said: “It’s a programme of projects, interventions and activities, which would bring about a metropolitan transport network.

“I know people will automatically think it’s one mode. It’s not, it's got to be integrated. It's got to cover all modes.

“So, we will now take forward that case for investment and that's quite a significant step forward.

“But importantly, it also needs to look at the operational and delivery model of a metropolitan transport network. As opposed to individual modes.”

Before any actual work on streets can take place however the Case for Investment is one stage that must be completed.

Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “Clyde Metro is the transformational, ambitious and deliverable public transport system that the Glasgow metropolitan region has been waiting for and this is a major step towards realising the huge economic, social and environmental benefits to communities across the Glasgow Region that a modern, affordable and integrated public transport system will provide.”

She added: "Throughout this new phase, the city council will continue to make the case of the transformational potential of Metro and the part it will play in Glasgow becoming a more inclusive, sustainable vibrant and prosperous European city.”

It has been stated previously the whole project could last decades and cost upwards of £15 billion.

Stephen Dornan, Chair of SPT, said Clyde Metro is an opportunity to deliver a step change in public transport in our region.

“The development of Clyde Metro is essential to the future of public transport in our region.”