A Glasgow Youtuber has been diagnosed with cancer three times after struggling to hear.

Paolo Lizzeri, from Glasgow, has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the third time in six years.

The 31-year-old had just finished university when he first noticed sudden weight loss, hearing problems, and a lump on his neck.

He immediately underwent treatment and was cancer free for three years before it sadly returned during the covid pandemic.

Once again he braved the brutal treatment and made a recovery but this year doctors confirmed it was back for a third time.

Paolo has since started a YouTube channel titled ‘3rd Time Unlucky’ where he uploads vlogs showing his experience during treatment and explains his diagnosis in more detail.

He shared how he was comforted after being treated by the same people throughout his diagnoses.

He said: “The nurses that I'm getting treatment from now are the same nurses I was getting treatment from six years ago, so I know them all.

"I've also had the same doctors all throughout this six year process.

“The people at The Beatson are more like an extended family to me, more than it is a hospital.

“It doesn’t feel like I'm coming to a hospital because I know everyone so well and I'm so comfortable.

“That makes getting treatment here so much easier than it would be in a somewhat more clinical environment.”

Paolo is taking part in the Beatson Bauble Appeal to raise awareness of cancer and spread hope among those who are currently going through treatment.

He said: “Beatson Cancer Charity does so much for people. Not everyone is as fortunate as me to have close friends or family there to support them so to have another network where you can meet other people who are like minded or going through a similar situation is really useful.

“Without that you’d have people who would find a dire situation even worse. I think from that perspective it’s fantastic.

“There’s lots of other support too: therapies, massages, treatments, wigs... It makes something that is not a great situation better. That's why it’s important.”

By donating to the Beatson Bauble Appeal you can continue to help provide care, love and hope to families this festive season.

Everyone who donates will receive two baubles in the post – one to hang on their own tree at home, and one to send back to be hung on the Beatson tree.