A THUG attacked his lover and spat on her while aboard a bus.

Christopher Thomson, 36, turned on his partner in Glasgow's Shawlands on February 20 2022.

The pair had earlier argued with each other which then turned violent.

Thomson grabbed the woman by the hair and slapped her on the face.

He then went on to spit on her after she tried to escape.

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Thomson pleaded guilty on Thursday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting the woman.

He also admitted breaching a bail condition by being in her company on September 26 2022 at his flat in Shawlands.

The court heard that the pair boarded the bus after 10pm and argued with each other.

The driver warned them both about their behaviour and referenced calling the police.

Thomson was seen to lean over the woman as she sat down and he continued to argue with her.

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Prosecutor Ryan Watson said: "He grabbed her by the hair and repeatedly slapped her on the face.

"[The woman] leapt over the seat to make her way to the front of the bus but Thomson pulled her back which caused her to fall to the ground."

The woman was later able to ask the driver to let her off the bus.

Thomson and the woman continued to scream at each other.

Thomson approached her but was asked to move back by the driver.

Mr Watson added: "He did not move and proceeded to spit on [the woman] twice."

Police later attended and took both Thomson and the woman into custody.

Thomson replied to caution and charge: "I'm not going to lie, I did spit on her face."

Chris Devine, defending, told the court that his client - a skilled labourer - initially boarded the bus with injuries after an attack on him by the woman.

The lawyer said: "He tried to reconcile with her on the bus but matters deteriorated and he behaved in the disgraceful manner narrated."

Sentence was deferred pending background reports by Sheriff Iain Fleming who granted Thomson bail.

The sheriff said: "I'm keeping all options open."