Cops have revealed how they will catch drug drivers in Glasgow over Christmas.

It comes as new Police Scotland data revealed almost half of drivers that were drug tested at the roadside were arrested.

Now the Scottish Government and Police Scotland have launched an enforcement campaign to tackle drug-driving, highlighting the criminal and personal consequences of being found guilty of driving with drugs in your system.

This will see an even stronger focus on drug-driving on Scotland’s roads from Friday, December 1 meaning the chances of being caught are higher than ever.

Officers will be ready to catch drug-drivers with roadside tests using drug wipes for any motorist they suspect of drug-driving.

The new drug-driving advertising campaign highlights how easy it is to catch drug-drivers and features cars being stopped by police with very telling number plates spelling out ‘H1GH’, ‘W1R3D’ and ‘ST0N3D’.

It will run during the festive period on VOD, radio, digital and outdoor channels supported by a PR and social media campaign.

Driving under the influence of drugs, or any other substance such as alcohol, can destroy lives. Drugs can slow down your responses, making a collision more likely.

This can lead to severe injuries and even death.

Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Home Affairs, Angela Constance said: "The consequences of drug-driving can be devastating and those found guilty of breaking the law face a criminal record, a large fine, and up to six months in prison.

“Driving with drugs in your system puts the driver, passengers and other road users at risk of serious injury, or death. The message is clear, don’t take drugs and drive.”

A drug-drive conviction is not only a driving offence, it is also a criminal offence. On conviction, drivers could receive a minimum 12-month driving ban; 3-11 penalty points on their licence; a criminal record; up to 6 months in prison and a fine of up to £5,000.

Chief Superintendent Hilary Sloan, Police Scotland's Head of Road Policing said: "We continue to see motorists put others at risk by driving after drinking alcohol or taking drugs, despite repeated warnings about the dangers of drink and drug-driving.

“It doesn’t matter how good a driver you think you are, alcohol and drugs will affect your reactions and your judgement.

“Don’t put yourself or others at risk. You could lose your job, end up in prison or suffer life changing injuries. Think of the impact it could have on your loved ones. You could kill someone.

“If anyone is concerned about a driver’s behaviour, let us know. Help us keep Scotland’s roads safe.”