The Glasgow Times visited the Christmas markets at George Square where our reporter Taylor Murray tried the Blizard ride for the first time.

The festive feeling is upon us and Christmas has taken over the city centre with the Winterfest markets at St Enoch Shopping Centre and George Square.

I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do the most Christmassy thing you could do at these places - have a shot on one of the rides!

I arrived at George Square with butterflies in my stomach but excitement in my heart. When it comes to theme parks, rides and carnival games I am always like a kid at Christmas.

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Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times:

It was around 12pm when I went down last week and the markets were only open an hour - I was aiming to beat the queues.

Having walked past it prior to agreeing (stupidly) to do this I had a rough idea what I was in for but when I stood at the bottom of the ride it seemed to tower over me like a giant. 

I walked over to the ticket area to purchase my token for the ride which was positioned in the corner closest to Glasgow Queen Street Station.

The ticket was £9 which is a tad expensive but compared to other Christmas markets and the popularity of them at this time of year it is an okay price.

Walking up to the ride, armed with a nervous laugh, every thought raced through my head about how it would go.

Once I was strapped in I tried to seek assurance from the ride operator with a look of what can only be described as "am I going to be okay" which was returned with a "enjoy the ride".

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times:

After setting off from the bottom I thought that was me strapped in for an experience, however, once we had travelled 180 degrees it stopped for around what felt like forever, when in reality it was closer to 10 minutes.

To pass the time I took in the wonders of the city as it was the first time I had seen Glasgow's top shelf. To the south where I was positioned, I could see from Mount Florida to Govan and when I looked left I could see East End as far as the eye would allow me.

But after nearly losing my fingers to the cold waiting in the clouds the ride burst into action and started to turn quicker, spinning the seats clockwise direction making me go upside down. 

This lasted for only a few minutes but after my stomach reached my throat and my Apple watch told me to "take a moment of mindfulness" halfway through getting rag-dolled it finally came to a halt at the bottom.

I exited the ride with legs that could only be described as jelly and hands that were colder than the arctic circle.

Glasgow Times:

Overall, it was a ride that was definitely worth doing once, but that would be it. For £9 to be sat high in the sky for so long with little action experiencing the fun was disappointing. 

I live life by the mantra that everything should be tried once and this was something I was glad to do, especially for being on our doorstep.

It was a thrilling experience and would recommend attempting it if you were looking for a festive adrenaline rush.

Watch Taylor on the ride here: