WITH Christmas now only days away, many will be hoping for a bit of snow to make it all the more festive.

While this is often a rarity, the big day can become all the more special when gazing out the window come Christmas morning to see the street covered pavement to pavement in snow.

If you're hoping for a white Christmas and are interested in the most recent forecasts from the Met Office and WXCharts, look no further.

Will Scotland have snow on Christmas Day 2023?

The forecasts for whether or not there will be snow across Scotland on Christmas Day vary widely, with WXCharts appearing to show snowfall on Christmas Eve and on Monday, December 25.

The weather-charting site states that snowfall of up to 2cm per hour will fall across North and Western Scotland on Christmas Eve from around 12am to 6am.

The snowfall is then expected to come to the Central Belt at around 12pm before moving northwards to the Cairngorms, Fife and Stirlingshire.

However, the Met Office forecast on the subject is rather more conservative, stating that "for most parts of the United Kingdom" there is unlikely to be any snow.

In its long-range forecast, the meteorological organisation states that in western regions, "some hill snow" could be recorded.

This is likely to cause some cold and wintry conditions in highland areas but the forecaster warns: "At this stage, there is little sign of any widespread or severe cold and wintry weather."

This comes after cold spells across Scotland last month which saw snowfall in a number of locations such as Glasgow.

This quickly melted and has since been replaced by wetter conditions, seeing warnings for flooding and heavy rain issued by the Met Office.