Workplaces across Glasgow are being urged to back the GMB’s new Lean on my Shoulder campaign designed to help people tackling mental health and addiction issues.

The latest movement by the trade union is designed to raise awareness over the festive season and encourage workers to look out for the physical and mental welfare of their fellow colleagues – particularly when it comes to mental health and addiction. 

Staff are being encouraged to notice if someone’s demeanour is changing and to ask them if they are struggling and need help.

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It’s not just workplaces in Glasgow that are being asked to get involved but industries up and down the country as well as the other trade unions and people in the public eye. 

GMB convenor Chris Mitchell said: "I think every industry right across the country is facing the same thing and I think we have to embrace mental health for what it is and help their employees.

"Mental health is having a massive impact on people right across the UK especially with the cost of living crisis. 

"Everyone in every industry has a story to tell. Everyone has suffered something. 

"We would open this campaign up to everyone in every industry and urge other trade unions, activists, and employers pop stars to embrace the Lean on my Shoulder campaign."

Chris says the GMB is even planning to write to some Scottish pop stars who will have "a big influence" when it comes to promoting mental health. 

He went on: "We hope they can help encourage people not to suffer in silence and to talk to one another.

"We really want everyone to get involved, from the public sector to the private sector to help promote this and stand beside us.

"It’s time to rise up and help one another. Communities need to look out for each other during these trying times and I would hope everyone would take part in this.

"I think it is a fantastic campaign that we all look after each other particularly in the coming days and through Christmas and New Year.

"We would hope that every industry and people living in the limelight who are also vocal about the importance of mental health will stand with us and support this campaign."

Refuse worker and shop steward Eddie McCulloch says it is good for workers to be able to speak to each other and help and that the Lean on my Shoulder campaign is one of the best GMB has run. 

Mr McCulloch said: "This is an absolutely fantastic campaign that we are running just now. Mental health can manifest itself in a lot of ways and it’s not always obvious to see it.

"Our members spend a lot of time in close proximity to each other. We know each other well and we know when something is not right. 

"The campaign lets people know that we are all here to talk to even when it’s difficult. That’s why we’ve got a lot of good friends here because we are family at the end of the day.

"We spend a lot of time with each other and it is just good to encourage people to speak to each other and if we notice something we can take our colleagues to the side and ask if they are okay. 

"During Christmas we begin to think about things more than usual, friends, family that are no longer with us so you can end up on a downward spiral pretty quickly. 

"I am 100% behind this cracking campaign and it is probably one of the best we are running."

Anyone struggling or worried about a loved one can contact Samaritans on 116 123.