GLASGOW Subway fares are set to increase in 2024, it has been revealed. 

The new prices, which were approved by the SPT Partnership Board, will come into effect from Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

It's the first increase in Subway fares since 2019.

Park and ride customers will suffer the biggest rise - an increase of £2 a day. 

Price changes

An adult single journey will increase by 5p (making it £1.60 using a Smartcard and £1.80 for a single-use ticket).

Return and daily fares will increase by 10p.

Adult season tickets are also going up, but prices for child season tickets will not change. 

A seven-day adult ticket will rise to £13.50 when bought online or £14.50 when bought in stations.

The 28-day season ticket increases £2 to £52 online or £56 in station; the six-month ticket increases £5 to £260 online or £275 in station; and the adult annual ticket increases £5 to £470 online or £490 in station.

Park and ride

Park and ride (including return Subway travel) will increase from £5.70 currently to £7.70.

Short-term parking for 30 minutes will increase from 60p to £1; parking for one hour will increase from £1.20 to £2; and for two hours from £2.70 to £3.

Meanwhile, the parking-only 28-day season ticket will no longer be available as SPT says they will focus on park-and-ride customers in support of their strategic objectives around sustainable travel.


Passengers using Subway pay-as-you-go credit on a Smartcard continue to get the best prices available, including all-day travel for a capped price of £3.10.