A HOTEL in Glasgow’s Merchant City has laid claim to being the first in Europe to trial its own Alexa devices.

Worq Hospitality said it has programmed the devices at its Revolver Hotel with a range of pre-set hotel-related enquires, capable of taking orders through simple voice commands. It is understood to be the first commercial hotel in Europe to trial the Alexa system this way.

The technology, which Worq said will enhance guests’ convenience and experience at the hybrid hotel and hostel, follows the development by the firm of its own proprietary mobile app for Revolver. The app, which was developed by Nonius Mobile at a cost of £10,000, allows guests to check in remotely and provides them with information about the LBGTQ-friendly hotel and the city of Glasgow.

Jonathan Doherty, managing director of Worq Hospitality and parent firm Work Group, said: “Recognising the ever-growing importance of technology in the hospitality industry, we are happy to make these investments in our portfolio properties to keep them at the forefront of the sector.

“Inspired by my experiences in the States, where many hotels were complete with Alexa-style technology, I sought to incorporate this state-of-the-art technology into my hotel portfolio, with Revolver the ideal starting point given its customer profile.

“Despite initial hurdles, due to the unavailability of the device in Europe, we managed to obtain it for trial purposes, which was fantastic.”

Mr Doherty added: “Feedback has been great so far. We’ve also been giving lots of suggestions for what frequently asked questions the guests would like the answers to. We next plan to add in the ability to book into events, or for an exercise class in the gym, or for a massage in the treatment room – there’s lots of scope.”

Revolver is part of a wide portfolio of hospitality establishments owned by Worq, which also includes El Santo, a Latin American bar & restaurant on Glasgow’s Miller Street, Glasgow, and several other boutique hospitality businesses in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Helensburgh, and Glasgow.

Further investment is planned at the hotel, including a £25,000 project to install a rooftop hot tub and gym.

Worq said Revolver is designed to create a safe and enjoyable experience, particularly for solo travellers and female guests. The multi-purpose venue offers a range of accommodation options, alongside a vibrant social hub, from dormitory beds and Japanese-style pods to double and triple rooms.

Mr Doherty plans to establish Revolvers in other parts of the UK, with one due to open in Edinburgh on the second quarter of 2024.

He said: “We have found that young individuals prioritise travel and fashion, hence preferring accommodation arrangements that are budget-friendly without compromising on style or comfort.

“We’re currently in active pursuit of our next locations. Perfectly suited to our vision, old office buildings offer a variety of accommodation options and allow us to work with the existing architectural fabric.”