After a festive season spent gorging on food and guzzling down wine (while staying as horizontal as possible), it was time to return to the gym.

In the spirit of a 'New Year New Me', the only way weeks of bowing to such cardinal vices as gluttony and sloth could be corrected was by strapping myself to a device that closely resembles a torture rack: reformer Pilates.

Like traditional mat Pilates on steroids, this iteration involves a spring-based resistance machine called a reformer made up of a sliding platform, springs, straps and ropes.

Loved by A-list celebrities from Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Anniston to Margot Robbie and Sylvester Stallone, reformer Pilates is celebrated for being an intense full-body workout while remaining low impact (great for injuries).

I've wanted to try it out for years but the cost has always seemed too much to swallow with classes costing upwards of £15.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

In the spirit of resolutions, I took the plunge and headed to my first session at Revolution Studios on St Vincent Street.

The reformer room is kitted out with a dozen machines and lit up like a nightclub with loud music pumping through the speakers.

After telling the instructor it was my first time, she introduced me to the mean-looking device I would be working out on.

"All you need to remember is the numbers of the springs. I'll show you what to do for each exercise during the class," she says.

There are five springs, each responsible for increasing the tension or resistance of the machine to make exercises more or less challenging.

We start with a brief warm-up before moving through sets to target abs, legs and arms.

Glasgow Times:

The core workouts are tough and my muscles are clenched tightly around my bones from weeks of lethargy.

When I feel myself about to give in (as an obscure Lewis Capaldi dance remix pounds through the room), we move onto legs and it's actually quite fun.

Bouncing off the jumpboard is freeing until it burns. Pulling my body up and down the carriage for the arm workout feels playful.

The instructor is charismatic and aspirational and I leave the class feeling a bit bouncier.

This class would be well suited to a beginner and the nightclub vibe is going for more fun over function.

Other studios around the city like Align (£22/class) and The Rehab Hub (£20) exude a more Scandi-chilled-out energy.

Glasgow Times:

While some parts of the class felt like torture I can see why celebrities go gaga over reformer Pilates. And I'm sure anyone who could afford to go multiple times a week would look like Barbie in no time.

At £15 a pop, the class is something I would do with a friend once in a while as an alternative to hitting the pub.

But as for keeping with my goal of exercising at least three times a week, I'll be forced to stick to the gym until I land a starring role.

Revolution Studios have several locations across Glasgow. To find out more, click here. Note: Grippy socks must be worn for reformer classes.