WELL, here we are! 2024! Let me wish every reader and Glasgow citizen a happy and prosperous year ahead.

I welcomed the new year with an ever-growing sense of frustration and a desperate hope that this year will see the change of government that we need.

For the past 14 years, people have endured our two failing governments that have not only disappointed but have wreaked havoc on our economy, healthcare, public services and the very essence of our lives. 

Now, with the General Election on the horizon, it’s patently clear that our only hope for genuine reform lies in a Labour government. The failures of the current and previous administrations haven’t just been underwhelming; they’ve been catastrophic, steering us towards a national crisis.

So, let’s look at what we should make our resolutions for 2024.

Resolution 1: Rejecting the Status Quo

This year’s General Election is more than a political milestone; it’s a crucial fight for our nation’s future. We require leaders who are more than placeholders, who possess the vision to guide us away from this abyss of failure. Both of our current governments’ appalling detachment from the needs and voices of their people has left cities like Glasgow struggling with economic decline and deteriorating public services. The Labour Party stands as the sole force capable of reversing this downfall.

Resolution 2: A People-centred Economic Revival

Our economy lies in ruins, battered by the reckless policies of those in power. The Labour government promises a people-centred approach to revitalising our economy. It’s high time we ended policies that privilege the few and ignore the many. Labour’s commitment to creating jobs, supporting small businesses and implementing fair economic policies is not just a pledge; it’s an imperative. 

Resolution 3: Reviving Public Services

The degradation of our public services is a stark reminder of the failures of those at the helm. A Labour government is our only hope to revitalise these essential services. From transport to education, we require a radical transformation to ensure these services meet the needs of our populace. Only by seeing the tide of change at Westminster, reminding people of the difference that Labour governments make, will we have a chance of being able to bring that to Scotland, and to Glasgow in the future.

Resolution 4: Safeguarding Our Future

Our environment and children’s futures hang in the balance. The current government’s short-sighted policies have jeopardised our future. Labour stand for sustainable development and environmental protection.

In summary, the era of inaction has passed. The upcoming general election is our chance to correct these wrongs, demand accountability and welcome a government that truly represents the people. 

The Labour Party is not just a political option; it’s our only route to a brighter, more prosperous future. The people of Glasgow and Scotland must unite in this struggle. Let’s make 2024 the year we reclaim our dignity, our rights and our future. 

As an aside, this week I would like to tip my hat to my Labour colleague councillor Audrey Dempsey, who was awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) in the King’s New Year’s Honours List. I am honoured to say Audrey is a friend as well as a colleague, and recognition for the outstanding work she and her charity do for some of our city’s most vulnerable through the Glasgow’s No 1 Baby and Family Support Service, is well deserved.