Dear Janice, so much for a Happy New Year. 

Instead of swapping Christmas presents, my husband and I went to Tenerife on Boxing Day, and despite my reservations, we left our sons (16 and 18) at home as they promised everything would be fine and it saved us having to kennel our dog.

We facetimed regularly and all seemed okay, but when we returned we were horrified to discover they had had a party and our home was rammed with teenagers.

Some of my jewellery is missing, most carpets are stained and there is damage inside and out.

We are more upset by our sons’ attitude because they just laughed it off and said we were being dramatic and exaggerating the situation.

How do we move on from this because we are still extremely angry and can barely look at them? Linda.


Dear Linda, your boys are still young and immature, but their nonchalant attitude is unacceptable.

Suggest their ‘guests’ return your jewellery, or it will become a police matter. I doubt you will get anything back, but taking this action may make them realise the severity of the situation.

List the cost of repairs, plus the carpet cleaning and hand them the bill which will wipe the blase smirks off their faces.

You trusted them and they let you down. They need to learn to be accountable for their actions and stumping up their own cash might make them realise that your reaction was not dramatic or exaggerated but the same reaction most people in your shoes would have.

Lessons should be learned all round, and I have no doubt that years down the line you will all laugh at the goings-on, but until then, if you go away again, rehome your boys as well as your dog.


Dear Janice, I was thrilled to get engaged on Christmas Day as I love my fiance very much.

However, fast forward to New Year and chatting about our resolutions, he said he wanted to get something off his chest and confessed to an affair a year ago.

He said he loves me and that it was a huge mistake.

Naturally I told the world I was engaged, so how can I even think of mentioning this to anyone? And how can I trust him now? Emma.


Dear Emma, it must have been awful to have been on such a happy high only for the rug to be pulled from under your feet.

Is he to be commended for his honesty or was he running scared in case you found out?

Either way, you need to ask yourself if this was a one-off or will you have doubts for the rest of your life?

If it’s the latter, then this is the shortest engagement in history and you need to reconsider your future together, because now you know that your fiance is not the faithful guy you agreed to marry.


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