A PORT Glasgow woman has won thousands of pounds after putting on an impressive display on a popular TV game show.

Tuesday night’s episode of The Chase saw 25-year-old local Sadie help team members Greg, 35, and Charles, 63, secure a prize pot of £9,000.

The Inverclyde contestant's strong showing in the cash builder round saw her rack up £5,000 before taking on chaser Darragh Ennis.

She turned down Darragh’s higher offer of £70,000 and swiftly booked her spot in the final.

Together with Greg, from Merthyr Tydfil, and Charles, from Essex, Sadie set the chaser a target of 18 in the final.

Sadie, a customer service adviser, won individual praise from Darragh after she correctly answered 10 of the questions.

The trio claimed their prize following a ropey performance from the chaser, with the team capitalising on nine chances to 'push back'.

With nine seconds remaining and 11 right answers required to catch the contestants, host Bradley Walsh quipped: “It’s going to be close.”

Glasgow Times: Darragh admitted his performance was 'not brilliant'Darragh admitted his performance was 'not brilliant' (Image: ITV)

At the end of the episode, Darragh said: “That was not brilliant from me. I got a few wrong near the start and the task got more and more difficult.

“I started jumping to try and answer questions as quickly as possible. I got ones wrong that I would never have got wrong if I had a second.”

To catch up with the episode, go to player.stv.tv/.