A Glasgow family got a £15,000 vet bill after their dog swallowed a dad's sock.

Kevin Davidson, from Maryhill, suffered a Christmas Day nightmare after his beloved pet Manu suddenly became extremely ill.

The six-year-old black Labrador was rushed to VetsNow in Glasgow before having surgery to remove a “significant” portion of his small intestine, along with Kevin's sock which he had eaten.

Manu is now at home recovering but his vet bills reached an eye watering £15,200, which was above and beyond his insurance.

Glasgow Times: Manu ate a sockManu ate a sock (Image: Sourced)

Glasgow Times: The six-year-old black Labrador was rushed to VetsNow in GlasgowThe six-year-old black Labrador was rushed to VetsNow in Glasgow (Image: Sourced)

Kevin told the Glasgow Times: “The foreign object turned out to be one of my own socks.

“You can only imagine the fear and guilt I was carrying from then on.

“Manu spent a week pre op in ICU and this caused the bill to reach £15,200 which was £11,200 more than our insurers maximum payout, and that is apparently life cover.

“We got Manu home on Hogmanay, and he finally got a wee Christmas dinner.

“He is now on a strict diet and bed rest, which to a young Labrador that is starting to feel better physically is like torture for him.

“It’s especially difficult as we have two young children and another dog that is dying to play with him, but a rupture of the internal and external stitches could prove fatal.”

Glasgow Times: Manu was ill over the festive period Manu was ill over the festive period (Image: Sourced)

Kind loved ones stepped in to help cover the giant vet bill which Kevin’s family are now trying to pay back.

They are now raising money to help cover the huge costs and want to raise awareness.

At the time of reporting, their GoFundMe has reached £4,178 of the £10,000 target.

Kevin said: “I started the GoFundMe to try and raise donations to pay back the money, but it has become about so much more.

“It’s now about raising awareness about insurance and the ins and outs of it all, and the astronomical costs of veterinary procedures in general.

“After the surgery he spent a week in ICU with round the clock care, on several different pain and anti sickness medications, along with electrolytes in drip fed nutrition.

“He also had a nasal gastric tube and was hooked up to more pieces of machinery than I thought possible.”

Glasgow Times: Manu is on the recoveryManu is on the recovery (Image: Sourced)

Posting on his GoFundMe Kevin said: “I cannot believe the response we have had, it just goes to show there is still good out there in the world, thank you all for your support.”

You can donate to Kevin’s GoFundMe for Manu here.