A Glasgow man threatened to kill his mother and called her a "fat cow".

Garry Watson, 25, arrived at his mum's address in Shettleston on May 4, 2023.

She noticed her son appeared drunk.

She asked him not to be under the influence in her presence and asked him to leave.

He obliged but then later returned and said “F*****g let me in, fat cow”.

Cops were called and when they entered, Watson was cautioned and charged. 

On, July 5, 2023, he arrived at his mum's home again.

He was drunk and asked if he could stay the night.

She said no because of his intoxication and asked him to leave.

Watson, of Cranhill, then became abusive and said “I will kill you” and called her a “cow”. He smashed a vase and a photo frame.

His mother called the police. When officers showed up, Watson said: “F**k up”, “I'm going to kill you”, “you’re dead”, “you are a specky p**f”.

He continued to speak to officers like that on the way to the police station and he threatened to murder them.

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He appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court this week after he pleaded guilty to behaving aggressively, refusing to leave, shouting derogatory and homophobic remarks towards his mum and officers and threatening to kill them.

Sheriff Allan McKay said: "This is a continuing course of conduct."

Watson's lawyer said: "He understands what was discussed with the social worker and he would comply."

The sheriff addressed him: "I hope in your sobriety you are embarrassed about what you have done. When you’re drunk, you are abusive.

"I can send you to prison but given your age, I am considering alternatives."

Watson was sentenced to one year of supervision, with a condition to engage with alcohol addiction services and 150 hours of unpaid work.

The sheriff said: “I will have you back here in three months, if you are not doing it I am prepared to send you to jail.”