Verdict: Four-and-a-half stars

When you think about Shrek the first thing that comes into your mind may not be over-the-top dance numbers.

But it has been 10 years since Shrek: The Musical premiered in the UK and proved that this concept works.

The successful production has returned to Glasgow's King's Theatre this week.

Many will be familiar with the story of the grumpy ogre who is kicked out of his lonely swamp by magical characters seeking refuge from the evil Lord Farquaad.

To get his peaceful home back, Shrek, alongside his sidekick Donkey, embarks on an adventure to save Princess Fiona and bring her to the wannabe king.

During the journey, however, the seemingly different Shrek and Fiona discover they may have more in common than they realised.

The beloved film's on-stage interpretation did not disappoint with classic songs such as I'm A Believer and Big Bright Beautiful World.

I went along to the launch night for what was to be my first time at the Glasgow institution.

As expected, it was a full-house for the performance, mostly filled with happy families dressed in ogre-ears and carrying stuffed gingerbread men (celebrating one of the characters).

Glasgow Times:

The lighting, set and every dance number drew us all in and consistently made us laugh.

Shrek, played by Anthony Lawrence, was a loveable giant with a powerful voice next to the quirky and over-the-top Princess Fiona, played by Strictly Come Dancing star Joanne Clifton.

Their interactions were genuine and chemistry was undeniable.

Glasgow Times: A scene from Shrek the Musical UK and Ireland Tour 2023-4

Surrounding them, the entire cast was overflowing with talent.

The show included dance numbers, confetti and glittery dresses but managed to capture the emotional depth of the story.

Donkey was brought to life by the incredible Brandon Lee Sears, whose presence commanded our attention and whose comedic timing was spot-on.

But for me, the star of the show was James Gillian in a fierce bob and sparkly shorts, as the hilarious Lord Farquaad.

Glasgow Times:

He captured the flamboyant, dramatic little man perfectly in all his bitterness and with a voice that was unforgettable.

As an unexpected twist, the ruler's father also made an appearance.

Dragon got the loudest cheer thanks to Cherece Richards' unbelievable vocals.

It was also impressive that the cast controlled a huge puppet behind her impressively.

Glasgow Times:

Shrek: The Musical is a wonderful family event and the perfect example of entertainment that is suitable for kids and adults alike.

The show runs until January 20, mark your calendars.