A Glasgow man missed a CT scan after work vans blocked a disabled exit.

George McCurdy had planned to attend the Glasgow Royal Infirmary on Monday, January 15, for his appointment but claims he couldn’t leave his Springburn flat in time.

The 54-year-old has an autoimmune disease and also struggles with mobility so relies on a walking stick, meaning he cannot use the stairs.

However he claims trade vans, commissioned by ng homes for work on the high rise, regularly block the outdoor slope.
Glasgow Times: George relies on a walking stickGeorge relies on a walking stick (Image: Robert Perry)

Glasgow Times: WrightKerr vans pictured outside the Springburn flatsWrightKerr vans pictured outside the Springburn flats (Image: Sourced)

George explained: “The work vans are continually blocking the disabled entrance and have now made me miss my CT scan.

“It is a problem because there is only one disabled slope, so me and other neighbours cannot get out, we can’t take our mobility scooters and sticks down the steps.

“It is really unacceptable because it will take a long time to reschedule, it really isn’t good for my health to have this added stress.

“I have been really ill for the past year and a half because of my autoimmune disease which is still being tested, I can’t afford to miss important appointments.

“I feel so gutted, it is like they don’t take disabled residents seriously which is really disappointing.”

Glasgow Times: George has complained about the parking problem beforeGeorge has complained about the parking problem before (Image: Robert Perry)

Frustrated George has raised the issue of the disabled exit being blocked to ng homes three times since last May. 

This week he took snaps of multiple work vans parked outside the high rise and sent them to the Glasgow Times.

We contacted the businesses pictured including WrightKerr, an all trades company, who have since apologised and launched an investigation.

Construction workers have been visiting the multi-storey block as part of investment works worth more than £24 million. 

This has resulted in increased traffic to and from the blocks while work is ongoing.

Glasgow Times: George claims the disabled exit of the Springburn flats is often blocked by veichlesGeorge claims the disabled exit of the Springburn flats is often blocked by veichles (Image: Robert Perry)
A ng homes spokesperson said: “The health and wellbeing of all our tenants and residents is a top priority. 

“We take any matters raised with us very seriously and endeavour to resolve all issues effectively.

“In this case, we have spoken with our contractors and reminded them not to park in restricted areas to keep the entrance clear. 

“We are currently looking at ways of increasing the amount of parking nearby.”

Glasgow Times: George cannot use the stairs so relies on the slopeGeorge cannot use the stairs so relies on the slope (Image: Robert Perry)

A spokesperson for WrightKerr said: “To say WrightKerr are extremely disappointed by this is an understatement. 

“All our staff have a duty of care with their conduct in any situation when dealing with members of the public and are trained and instructed to be mindful of parking in areas required and of course especially areas marked for mobility cars or access.  

“WrightKerr have a fantastic relationship with almost all residents within the Springburn and Possilpark area and have been working with great response for nearly 10 years. 

“This is something we will try to resolve to the best of our ability firstly by contacting Mr McCurdy and offering our apologies and anything we can do to help or make the situation any easier.  

“There will also be a full investigation into the individual matter and disciplinary procedure for the employee in question will begin.”