A Larkhall community group will launch a bike initiative thanks to cash made available by the council and National Lottery fund. 

The Strutherhill and Birkenshaw Community Group have developed a detailed proposal for a new bike initiative based on local priorities. This will be funded from participatory budgeting grants.

A total of £24,389 has been allocated to the community group to be spent through participatory budgeting. 

Community consultation on the process identified the importance of investing available funds in large-scale projects that the community group had been working on – this included a bike initiative , the development of vacant open spaces and improvements to local play areas. 

The projects are all based on local priorities and the community group will continue to seek residents’ views to build project ideas.

The Strutherhill and Birkenshaw Community Group have now developed a more detailed project proposal for the bike initiative and a launch event will take place in July 2023.