A health charity is on the lookout for Glaswegians who have successfully quit smoking to share their experiences.

ASH Scotland is urging Glaswegians to talk about their journeys to live a tobacco-free life by sharing what prompted their resolve to quit smoking, if they gave up through willpower and personal determination, and the support they found helpful.

This comes as ASH Scotland prepares to hold its annual No Smoking Day on March 13.

Sheila Duffy, chief executive of ASH Scotland, said: "Ahead of No Smoking Day on 13 March, we would love to hear from Glaswegians about their successful experiences in the last couple of years or so of giving up smoking for good.

"We look forward to discovering everyone’s inspirational stories, which could encourage others to quit smoking for the first time or try again to live a life free from tobacco and enjoy a healthier future with opportunities to spend their money in other ways."

The charity said people should share their stories, limited to 200 words, either by email at comms@ashscotland.org.uk or via ashscotland.org.uk/your-story.