A charity supporting Scottish veterans has received £2,000 from the FlightPath Fund.

The organisation in question, I Was Gonnae, is known for its work with veterans, and has announced plans to put the generous funding towards the music experience sessions for ex-service personnel.

These sessions are for resident veterans living at Erskine Village, a care home specifically designed for former members of the armed forces.

Residents get the opportunity to share their life stories, all while creating and producing music under the guidance of professional musicians.

The project is primarily aimed at improving the wellbeing, social connection, and the self-expression of the veterans through the universal language of music.

Observers have praised these sessions for promoting the development of social and communication skills, as well as fostering a sense of shared experiences amongst the veterans.

The charity's co-founder, Stuart McDonald, said: "Many veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and had to cope with extra difficulties during the pandemic because of the lockdowns and other restrictions.

"The Music Experience Project is not only a fun activity, but also a valuable opportunity for the participants to discover and develop their strengths and skills, feel more connected to others and share a laugh at the same time".

Glasgow Times: At the sessions veterans can share their stories while creating and producing music

He further elaborated: "The sessions culminate in the creation of the participant’s song, which is produced, recorded, and stored on an electronic device for them to keep.

"We are very thankful to the FlightPath Fund for supporting a project that makes a real difference to the lives of those involved".

Meanwhile, Glasgow Airport has pledged an additional £100,000 to the FlightPath Fund in 2024.

Any unspent funds from 2023 will be carried over.

The fund, established in 2010, aims to aid community groups and charities committed to improving the opportunities, facilities and services to the community.

The charity also emphasises the importance of employment, the environment, and education.

The committee encourages groups and organisations to apply for financial assistance, especially those dedicated to sustainability-themed projects.

For more on applying for funding support visit www.glasgowairport.com/community, download the application form and the charity's funding guidlines.