Lanarkshire residents can now directly access NHS foot health services.

As the colder months strain the health service, NHS Lanarkshire has cut out the middle-man, giving patients direct contact with its podiatry hub without requiring a doctor's referral.

Nicola Smith, service development lead for podiatry at NHS Lanarkshire, said: "Whether you're experiencing discomfort or have concerns about your feet, our podiatry hub is here for you.

"The podiatry hub is a self-referral service.

"The team manage podiatry treatment across Lanarkshire, helping individuals to take control of their foot health by allowing them to directly access podiatry services.”

Glasgow Times: Nicola Smith, NHS Lanarkshire service development lead for podiatry, (front right) with members of

The self-referral service can tackle a host of foot issues such as toenail conditions, foot injuries, wounds, and assist in treating and preventing infections.

To access the hub, patients have three options, through an electronic referral form available on the NHS Lanarkshire website and then emailing it to, by calling 01698 753753 on weekdays from 8am to 6pm, and by picking a self-referral form from GP practices and mailing to the hub.

Nicola added: "The podiatry hub is designed to simplify and speed up the process for individuals seeking expert foot care services.

"This approach aims to reduce barriers to foot healthcare, enabling timely intervention and prevention of various foot-related conditions, ensuring they are addressed with the highest standard of care.

“Our podiatry section of the NHS Lanarkshire website also offers valuable educational resources to help individuals better understand and care for their feet.”

Additional foot health information and resources are available on the NHS Lanarkshire website at