A YOUNG man who got his first taste of prison was told by a sheriff to "grow up".

Ryan McKell, of Littleholm Place, Mountblow, spent five days in Greenock Prison after shouting, swearing and threating Clydebank shop staff.

The 21-year-old was in court last year for threatening to kill a neighbour and kept leaping over a garden gate towards her before being pulled back by his father.

In September, he was put under social work supervision and ordered to do unpaid work in the community for the incident.

But on January 2, he broke a court order not to enter Overtoun Road. And when given bail for that, within days he back in the same street.

Then on January 24 he stole alcohol and threatened staff in a Dalmuir store.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard on January 30 that around 7.30am on January 2, McKell was seen trying to get into his parents' property in Overtoun Road. His father took his son to his own property.

Around 11am though he was seen again in the street and police were called because the witness knew he was not allowed there.

He was arrested and bailed.

At around 11.30am on January 6, McKell was seen walking on Overtoun Road and towards Dalmuir Golf Club. That was reported to police for the bail breach.

He was later admitted three thefts of about £6.50 each worth of alcohol from the Co-op in Dunn Street, Dalmuir.

Then at about 12.15pm on January 24, he entered the shop again and made his way to the alcohol section. Staff asked him to leave as they were familiar with his shoplifting.

McKell ran towards the exit of the shop and a worker made their way towards him. He then began to shout towards the three staff.

He said: "F*** off" and "I'm going to do yous in". He also said: "Do you know who I am?", "Give me my keys" and "Give me my phone".

It was after that incident he landed in Greenock Prison for five days.

Defence solicitor Judith Reid said she "could not get to the bottom of" the reasons behind her client's criminal behaviour. Alcohol and drugs both played a part.

She said: "It's fair to say he is not enjoying being in prison.

"His father is here in support of him and his father has been to see him in Greenock.

"He is lucky to have a father who is as supportive of him. I think a short time in custody has served as a wake-up call.

"He very much remains within the youth sentencing guidelines."

Sheriff David Hall told him: "I'm told you're not enjoying your time in Greenock Prison. You're extremely fortunate to have parents supportive of you.

"You really need to grow up. If you don't, you will be back in Greenock Prison again."

Sentence was deferred on the January 2 bail breach until April 23 for McKell to be of good behaviour.

For the incidents in the Co-op, he was put on a restriction of liberty order to keep him home in Littleholm Place every day from 8pm to 7am for four months.