A Glasgow taxi boss has admitted tough market conditions and new low emission zone (LEZ) rules are making it a fight to keep his business going.

Brian O’Hara said his firm once had 100 taxis but that number is now down to 30.

So far he has managed to get only 12 vehicles to comply with LEZ rules.

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Speaking at yesterday’s Glasgow’s licensing and regulatory committee, Mr O’Hara said: "It is a struggle. We are fighting our way through. It is a tough time but we are trying to keep going."

Committee chair councillor Alex Wilson, SNP, said: "I commend you on that."

Mr O’Hara said Covid had also affected the trade and ability to get credit but added: "We are getting somewhere now."

He made the comments at the licensing committee as his Thistle Taxis vehicle suffered a breakdown problem as it was due for inspection.

He also believes some taxi drivers are having to quit the trade.

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Taxis had to meet LEZ requirements by June 1, 2023, in order to operate in the city. Heavily polluting cars cannot enter about 200 streets under the LEZ requirements.

But some taxis had the chance to get an exemption until May 31 this year.

Around £3 million of retrofit Scottish Government funding has been made available to support taxi operators get their vehicles ready.

Diesel vehicles registered after September 2015, petrol vehicles registered from 2006 onwards and buses, coaches and HGVS registered from January 2013 will meet the required LEZ standards.