NEW bin hubs expected to be placed throughout the city could see parking spaces removed from outside flats as the council expands its new policy.

A pilot scheme for new waste and recycling collection infrastructure was introduced in Pollokshields, Haghill and Berkely Street in Finnieston last year with a total of 98 hubs installed serving around 2400 properties. 

The bin hubs have been fitted on the roads, to replace stand-alone bins sited on pavements and bins located within tenement backcourts and includes separate bins for general waste, paper and cardboard, a wide range of plastic and metal containers and for food waste. 

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A report presented to councillors says the new hubs are providing a more effective and efficient collection service and the quality of the material collected within the fibre and container bins is better than the current dry mixed recycling service within the blue bins. 

During the environment committee questions were raised about how the expansion of the service would impact parking for local residents.

Bailie Paul McCabe said: "These tenemental street hubs are obviously going to remove parking spaces outside tenemental properties.

"With the new legislation on pavement parking are you taking into consideration that [the bins hubs] will potentially remove parking spaces in built up tenement areas?"

A council officer confirmed there had been issues in the initial pilot.

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They said: "The bin hubs have taken up one or two spaces. Pollokshields has had issues because it is a busier area compared to Haghill. 

"Through engagement it has become part of the street furniture. I think we will potentially hit issues when we try to introduce it into other areas but we have had that experience.

"I don’t think we have had any discussions on the review on pavement parking but that is something we will need to take into consideration as and when the bin hub pilots are extended going forward."

Councillor Kevin Lally also asked how far the council intended to expand the scheme.

Councillor Lally said: "I noticed that when we are extending the bin hubs, another 75 hubs will be installed in Pollokshields, Haghill and Finnieston.

"Do we intend to take this to other parts of the city?"

An officer said: "There are 75 extra bin hubs being purchased looking to extend within the existing pilot areas. 

"There could be opportunities to extend it into other areas, outside those three pilots but that is still to be determined."