A PERVERT recorded intimate videos of women with a hidden camera and uploaded them to a porn site.

Donal McFarlane, 30, put a total of 42 videos on to Motherless.com between July and September 2022.

The first offender followed a lone young female on a subway with a camera secreted in a bag and upskirted her.

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He also focused on the breasts and buttocks areas of other women as he walked around Glasgow city centre.

A police raid on his home also recovered three images of extreme porn on his computer.

McFarlane pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Friday to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

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He also admitted upskirting a woman and possession of extreme pornography.

The court heard McFarlane, of Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire, used the account name 'PidgeonPower' on the website.

Prosecutor Emma Baker said: "He followed a number of women in Glasgow and recorded them without their knowledge or consent.

"McFarlane zoomed in on their body including their buttocks crotch, breasts and faces.

"He edited the videos to have abusive and degrading captions."

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The fiscal depute stated that in August 2022, McFarlane travelled from the city's Buchanan subway station to the West End's Kelvinbridge station.

Miss Baker said: "He had a camera concealed in a bag and he loitered at the entrance before seeing an unknown female believed to be around 18-years-old who wore fishnet tights and black skirt.

"He followed her to the platform and pointed the camera towards her.

"He recorded her as she got off at Partick to a Morrison's supermarket."

McFarlane went on the subway again to the St Enoch station and recorded other women with the camera.

McFarlane uploaded the lone female video lasted just over five minutes with the caption 'Subway candid w***e c*** with humiliating captions'.

Miss Baker said: "During the footage, he placed the camera under the woman's skirt as hey were going up the escalator, capturing their buttocks."

Other captions on the video included 'Pathetic c*** needs strangled with its own fishnets'.

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Miss Baker told the court that a total of 42 videos were uploaded on McFarlane's profile on the website.

Another video showed two women in crop tops and leggings who were followed on Buchanan Street with the camera zoomed in on their buttocks.

A further 12 minute video tailed a woman from a Sainsbury's on Buchanan Street which focused on her buttocks.

He then recorded two other girls' breasts and crotches.

Many of the women's faces were on the videos but were not identified by police.

McFarlane was traced through his IP address and he was identified by CCTV footage around the city.

Police raided McFarlane's home and the bag with the concealed camera was seized.

Three images of extreme porn were found on electronic devices in the property.

Miss Baker said: "These were images containing serious violence likely to threaten a person's life with a sexual element."

There were saved folders on his computer with the titles 'Dumb Facebook W***e', 'Candid' and 'Skanks'.

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until next month by Sheriff Gerard Bonnar.

He said: "These are extremely serious matters. You have been on bail for a considerable period of time and you have no previous convictions.

"I will not interfere with that but all options remain open for sentencing."