Dear Janice,

My partner has been dating a guy since college, and despite being in love with me, she won’t give him up.

She says she’s worried about revealing her true sexuality to her elderly parents and that dating her boyfriend is the perfect way to avoid any suspicion.

She admits she does have sex with him as she needs to convince him they are in a proper relationship, but I’m not sure I believe her.

I am fed up pretending we are just good friends and want to plan a future together.

But despite threatening to end our relationship if she doesn’t commit to just me, tears and tantrums follow and nothing changes.

How can I get her to choose?


Dear Abby,

Polyamorous relationships rely on everyone being honest about each other, but I’m afraid you have fallen in love with a manipulative, deceitful, cheating partner who is keeping her boyfriend and parents in the dark.

Of course, she is having regular sex with her boyfriend, and not just to throw him, or her parents off the scent of a Lesbian lover, but because she wants to.

Are you the love of her life? Do you have a future together? How long can you sustain this façade? I think you know the answers, so be strong and assertive.

Put yourself first for once and consider how your parents would feel if they found out about the duplicitous relationship their daughter is embroiled in.

Tell her you are at the end of the line, and she must choose one partner otherwise, you will be honest with her boyfriend and spill the beans.

I suspect this will be enough to draw this ridiculous one-sided relationship to a conclusion.


Dear Janice,

It seems like everyone on social media is planning a solo holiday which sounds fantastic, but I don’t know if I have the courage to go it alone.

My friends are all married, and I have no one to go with so reckoned going solo was better than having no holiday at all.

But when I went to book, I got cold feet.

Should I take the plunge?


Dear LP,

Social media has a wonderful way of making everything appear seamless and perfect.

Let’s face it, not many splash pictures of themselves feeling miserable having a lonesome meal, or reluctantly heading out for the night, or totting up the cash they reckon they’ve wasted.

But if planned properly you can have a wonderful time. Days can be long, so book tours with others.

Safety is paramount, especially in the evening, therefore only book highly recommended accommodation within a safe, populated area.

There are plenty of solo-friendly travel groups online, or sign up to and dip in and out of activities on offer in the area you are holidaying in.

Give it a go, but perhaps book a long weekend to start with and see if this type of holiday is right for you.

Good luck!