A MAN apologised after pointing a gun at a terrified shop worker to steal £127.

Armands Jurevics, 39, held Courtney Healy, 22, at gunpoint at One-O-One convenience store in Thornliebank on February 20 last year.

Jurevics pressed the firearm against her thigh and ordered her to open up the till.

He went on to swipe the cash and said "sorry" before he fled the scene.

The first offender pleaded guilty on Monday at the High Court in Glasgow to assault and robbery.

The court heard unemployed Latvian national, Jurevics, took two bottles of Budweiser to the counter.

Prosecutor Nicola Gilchrist said: "Miss Healy became aware of footsteps to her right.

"She turned round and realised Jurevics was standing beside her.

"She looked down and saw he had a handgun pressed against her thigh."

The firearm was stated to be an older revolver style gun.

Jurevics said: "Can you open the till please."

Ms Healy complied with the request and pressed the panic alarm.

Jurevics took £127 in £10 notes and coins before he placed the gun in the waistband of his jeans.

Ms Gilchrist added: "Jurevics stated 'sorry' as he lifted the two bottles of beer and left the shop."

A "frightened" Ms Healy reported the matter to a colleague and the police.

Officers were initially unable to find Jurevics in the local area.

CCTV later showed Jurevics running off down a lane and officers were able to determine that he lived locally.

Jurevics was traced outside his home in Thornliebank the next day in possession of two bottles of wine and 14 McDonald's hamburgers.

A search of the property found the two bottles of Budweiser under his bed. No firearms were recovered.

Jurevics told officers while in custody that he suffered from anxiety as he had lost his mother.

He was cautioned and charged then replied: "I've never had a gun in my life."

Duncan McPhie, defence advocate,  will make his plea in mitigation at next month's sentencing.

Judge Andrew Cubie said: "As has been recognised, this has breached the custody threshold and your bail will be revoked."