A candidate who has said there is no evidence Jews were murdered in gas chambers during the Holocaust is standing in a council by-election in Glasgow.

Seven candidates will contest the Hillhead by-election next month.

Nominations closed on Monday for the poll on March 7

As previously reported in the Glasgow Times the four parties represented on the council all announced their candidates.

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As well as the four parties on the council, the Liberal Democrats, Independent Green Voice and an independent candidate are standing.

Alastair McConnachie is standing under Independent Green Voice.

McConnachie, a pro-Union, pro-Brexit campaigner, has been controversial for statements denying Jews were murdered in gas chambers during the holocaust.

He has also been kicked out of Ukip for his far-right views.

The name Independent Green Voice has also been the topic of concern.

The Scottish Greens complained that it was too similar and led to confusion among some voters.

In 2021, Independent Green Voice won 2210 votes on the Glasgow list, while the Greens lost out on a second MSP by fewer than 1000 votes.

A spokesperson for the Glasgow Green Party said: “The far-right Independent Green Voice appear to be aiming to solidify their status as neo-fascist spoiler candidates, hoping to disrupt the outcome of this election.

“Thankfully, voters in Hillhead will see through this transparent attempt to steal Green votes as happened in 2021 - a move which led to Glasgow having to endure five years with another Tory MSP.

“It is abundantly clear that Scottish Green candidate Seonad Hoy is the first and only choice for those who want social and environmental justice in this election, not a Holocaust denier who was too extreme for even Nigel Farage’s UKIP.”

Ruth Hall, a Labour staffer, is looking to hold the seat won by Hanzala Malik who died in December, sparking the by-election.

Glasgow Labour Leader George Redmond, said:“There is no place in politics for hatred and intolerance.

“Scottish Labour will stand firmly against the divisive and damaging politics of Alastair McConnachie and run a positive campaign to elect a local champion for Hillhead.”

The SNP has Malcolm McConnell, a party worker, standing.

The Greens, who had the biggest share of the vote in the ward in 2022, at the last council election have hoped of increasing their number with Seonad Hoy, a housing worker, standing.

The Conservatives, who have two councillors have Faten Hameed as their candidate.

In addition, the Liberal Democrats have a candidate, Daniel O’Malley

Also standing is an independent candidate, Ryan McGinley

Following the 2021 election, the Electoral Commission said: “We are satisfied that there are clear and sufficient differences between the two party’s registered names, descriptions and emblems to avoid confusion.”

The Glasgow Times was unable to contact Independent Green Voice.