A SERIAL criminal caught with guns and ammunition under his floorboards was jailed today for nine years.

Martin Black, 41, was snared with the firearms at the property in Airdrie on February 10, 2022.

Police came across the pistol, two air guns and cartridges during a drugs search.

Black - who has nine previous convictions - includes a 10-year jail sentence from 2003.

Black later claimed that the weapons belonged to his late brother Gary Black branded one of Scotland's 'most dangerous men' who took possession of them while he was in prison.

Due to having a sentence of over three years - it is an offence for him to possess a firearm or ammunition.

Black pleaded guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to a string of charges which included the possession of a firearm without the authority of the Secretary of State or Scottish ministers.

He also admitted possession of the air weapons and having the firearms and ammunition after having received a sentence of over three years.

The court heard that police executed a drugs warrant on the property while Black was not present.

Prosecutor James Irvine said: "Under the floorboards in a locked bedroom, officers found a drawstring bag containing firearms and ammunition."

Officers recovered a Slovakian Grand Power gas alarm pistol which allowed the discharge of bulleted cartridges.

The manufacturer's details, model and serial number had been removed.

Mr Irvine stated that it was in "fair external condition" in working order for semi-automatic and fully automatic firing rounds.

Also recovered was a box magazine with nine bulleted cartridges loaded with a full metal jacket.

Two air pistols were also found - each in working order - as well as 23 shotgun cartridges.

Black's DNA was discovered on all of the recovered items.

George Gebbie, defending, told the court: "He was in prison serving a sentence when he became aware of his brother Gary Black had come into possession of these weapons.

"He also has a substantial criminal record. He passed away while Martin Black was still in prison.

"When Martin Black came out, he checked to see if the weapons were there and that's why his DNA was on them.

"He didn't get rid of them so he had knowledge of their existence."

Judge Lord Doherty told Black when jailing him that he had a "bad criminal record" and that the matters were "serious."