The leader of the Labour group in Glasgow opened his party's conference in the city today hitting out at the SNP after the council budget was passed with £107m of cuts.

George Redmond was the first speaker at the three-day Scottish Labour conference at the SEC.

After a day when Labour and SNP engaged in an at times heated debate while setting the city’s budget criticised the SNP and Greens who combined to agree on a budget for the next three years.

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Redmond said: “Yesterday was budget day in Glasgow” adding the councillors were asked to “cut by £107m”.

He said “Greens and Nationalists are the same. There's no difference.”

“I can't wait for the day we see a Labour administration in Glasgow.

“And so do the people and communities of Glasgow.”

The budget included a hike in parking charges, school meals going up and a review of services including education to produce the savings needed.

Redmond said the city council has had to make “£400m of savings since 2017”.

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He then hit out at the SNP councillors for failing to get enough cash from Holyrood.

The day before, Richard Bell, SNP City Treasurer, had said he was “afraid of no-one” and had made the case for more funding for Glasgow to the Scottish Government.

Redmond, however, said: “The SNP are only interested in serving the enhancement of their Holyrood masters.

“They ask for nothing of their First Minister and they get less than that in return.”