An East End Street is becoming a “destination” thanks to restaurants and other businesses bringing a buzz according to a local councillor.

Councillor Thomas Kerr feared the empty building left behind when well-known bakery McPhies closed could end up abandoned on Shettleston Road.

But now new Turkish restaurant Anadolia has moved in and has joined other eateries in attracting people to the area.

Glasgow Times:

Conservative councillor Kerr pointed out the revamped Kirk House and La Vita as well as Rustico in Mount Vernon are also a boost to the area.

He said: “For years this was seen as an area of deprivation. People didn’t want to come.

“We are starting to see Shettleston in a different light. It is good for our community. I can see a change.”

Describing Anadolia, which opened in October, he said: “It is a destination and people come from all over the city. It also attracts local people.”

He added: “McPhies used to be an institution in the East End. When that closed down I was worried but now it has been transformed, which is brilliant.”

Haydor Kupeli who works with his brother-in-law Sinon Kupeli at Anadolia said: “At first we had zero customers. But we started to make home made food and everything fresh. Now we are attracting lots of regular customers.”

Faten Hameed, of the Scottish Iraqi Association, who is a candidate in the upcoming Hillhead council by election said: ”It is good to see Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people coming to Shettleston. It was previously a no go area.”

She said Sunday breakfasts and Turkish nights with music are proving a hit at Anadolia.