Wheatley Homes Glasgow customers saved more than £67,900 on their fuel bills in the last six months, the largest saving made by the social landlord.

A total of 1,500 tenants of Wheatley Group, Scotland's largest social landlord, saved £122,689 collectively on their gas and electricity bills.

The group's fuel advisor service provided free expert advice on energy reduction and home heating to tenants across its housing associations.

Laura Pluck, director of communities at Wheatley Group, said: "We’re doing all we can to support our tenants in these difficult times.

"The last six months, including these colder, winter months, bring more challenges for our customers.

"The service is available to all of our tenants to use and can make a big difference, particularly during the winter months.

"If you are struggling, we are here to help."

Additionally, more than 170 Wheatley Homes South customers and 186 East customers saved £34,058 and £19,710 respectively.

Loretto Housing and Lowther Homes customers, too, made substantial savings, amounting to £1,017.

Linda Miller, 68, Wheatley Homes Glasgow tenant, who was helped by her fuel advisor, Caren, said: "I couldn’t have sorted my issues out with the energy company if it wasn’t for Caren.

"I’d tried for weeks and so had my friends and family.

"I’d urge others in my situation to get help from Wheatley – the help I got was brilliant."

Advisers from the service, which is run by the Wheatley Foundation, provide advice on bills, managing fuel debt, reducing energy consumption, and can speak with fuel providers for low-cost payment arrangements on behalf of the tenants.

Wheatley Group tenants who want to book an appointment with a fuel advisor should call Wheatley’s Customer First Centre.