The Conservatives and SNP have blamed each other for a housing emergency in Glasgow.

In the Scottish Parliament, Annie Wells, Conservative MSP for Glasgow, asked what the Scottish Government was doing to increase the housing supply so no one was made homeless.

She also said the Scottish Government had cut the budget for housing by £200 million.

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Paul McLennan, Scottish Government housing minister, hit back pointing to budget cuts from the Tories at Westminster and asylum process changes.

Wells said: “Homelessness is spiralling out of control in Glasgow and it should never have reached the point whereby Glasgow City Council had to declare a housing emergency.”

Wells said not enough homes had been built to keep up with demand, particularly for social housing.

She said: “Unfortunately the work around Red Road and Sighthill in the north of the city is moving at a snail's pace with only a fraction of the demolished homes being replaced with new builds.

“At the same time faced with the Scottish Government which has cut £200m from the housing budget.”

She asked: “What action is the Scottish Government taking right now to increase the supply of affordable homes in Glasgow so that no one is left on the streets.”

Glasgow City Council recently declared a housing emergency as homeless numbers continue to rise.

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The council said it was expecting even more homeless applications from asylum seekers who get decisions from the Home Office and then have to leave their accommodation as the government seeks to speed up the system and process people in batches.

McLennan laid the blame at the door of the UK Government.

He said: “There’s a number of things I want to mention.

“The capital budget cut we’ve had from her government equates to 10%.

“We also have the asylum process. It’s good the process is being quickened up but there's no additional funding coming from the UK Government for that, none whatsoever.

“So, restore the capital budget cut, the Local Housing Allowance uplift has to come back and the asylum process, there has to be funding.”